How To Gain More Vine Followers

Want to know how to get more Vine followers?

If you’re in the crowd that wants to get more Vine followers because your competitors are already been followed by thousands don’t lose one more second and start reading our post. It’s clear that micro-videos and GIFs are more active than ever. Learn how to dominate this new way to express yourself with some easy tips using Vine for social media marketing.

It is not a video or a photo

One of the most important tips for using Vine is to be clear about that this is something completely new. Some will just say that videos are just too short, but the truth is that’s a new way to express. Don’t make videos that will express what a photo would express or GIFs that cannot express what you want to display in a video. Test, have fun and above all, move into the Vine network and discover the essence of this new form of expression.

Be creative

Don’t limit yourself to record four seconds of a worldly thing. Make of each one of your microvideos a small film. Test to look for a kind of script that will convert your GIF into something special that will attract attention. Do you drink coffee? You have two options, record four seconds of a cup of Starbucks or do something as similar as the vine that you will find here below. Obviously, one of our tips to get more Vine followers is that you look for fun alternatives and be as creative as you can.

Be dynamic

Another tip to get more Vine followers is to be dynamic: As I mentioned before, this new social media medium of expression is not a video or a photo. Therefore, at the time to create a microfilm using Vine we have to innovate and, although its very tempting to use a static background, because that’s what we’ve always done with our smartphones we need to go a little beyond. Perform quick to assemble scripts, cut, move the camera and play with the speed of the clip. Remember that we have to express as much as we can in only 6 seconds. A good example of this is this first teaser of the film, Wolverine. Here, the 6-second limitation helps them, because if studios want to give just a slight taste and not a slightly bigger one, like a 90-second teaser might do, Vine is there to give a short, quick, action-packed, ADD version of the kind of thing you’ll see in the regular trailer.

Interact with other users

The feedback is vital in any social network and in applications such as Vine is not going to be less. If you want your Vine microfilms to reach as many people as possible and you want to get more Vine followers, without a doubt you have to start “vining” seriously. Just like on Twitter, start by following people with your same interests. Also, leaving comments and liking will earn you the attention of more than one and if your creations are at height, its almost sure you’ll start gaining more followers. This is one of the most effective tips to gain more followers on Vine and it will help you discover other interesting and fun creations as well.

Use #Hashtags

On Vine you can use #hashtags just like on Twitter and recently on Facebook.. Use them! Here’s a list of Vine’s most popular hashtags.

get more vine followers Currently the most popular tags on Vine are:

  1. #firstpost
  2. #vineportaits
  3. #remake
  4. #cute
  5. #loop
  6. #magic
  7. #pets
  8. #travel
  9. #sports
  10. #food
  11. #nature
  12. #howto
  13. #fashion
  14. #vinefavs

Have Fun

The last tip but not the less important is just “have fun”. Capture what you like most and be creative, don’t be shy. .

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