Vine Updates Vs. Instagram!

Vine updates vs. Instagram’s 15 second videos with filters….

latest updates on vine

The short videos micro-blog service owned by Twitter and better known as “Vine” has now made a fantastic update allowing users to save their video recordings to edit and publish them at a later moment if desired.

Today, we’re introducing powerful additions to the Vine camera: Sessions and Time Travel. With these new features, you can maintain multiple posts in progress over time and edit your posts before you share them.

Vine updates now include a function called “Sessions” which will now allow users to save a video that has been recorded from your phone to edit it and publish it later, when the person has more time to be able to edit it.

latest vine updates

Latest updates on Vine

Vine’s new update on the 1.4 version is the “Time Travel“, which makes it possible to delete, rearrange or replace any shot at any time. Its use is simple: “Tap the green bar from the camera while you’re shooting, or tap ‘Edit’ when you’re previewing a post..”

latest updates on vine

Users can, through Vine, publish short 6 seconds clips and share them to Twitter. You can also share these videos in Facebook.

The new “Vine” upgrade is Now Available free in the App Store and at Google Play..

Facebook, to compete with Twitter, announced last June that Instagram would add to their platform videos up to 15 seconds with filters. But as it seems “Vine” continues adding up rivals. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, co-founders of YouTube, launched MixBit, which allows you to record, edit, and share videos with a duration of up to one hour.

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