5 Easy Ways To Use Vine For Your Business

Successful ways to use Vine for your business!

It’s true that Vine hasn’t been around for long but the new Twitter video app has quickly gained a leader position in the short video market and one of the biggest reasons for its rapid growth is its users, whom are passionate about making 6 seconds videos with the new iPhone and Android app. But, how can a six second video help your company?

In this post we will share 5 easy ways to use Vine for the benefit of your business and make your company stand out from the crowd.

ways to use vine

After its launch, Vine has proved to be one of the favorite downloaded apps, and its a must have app in your cell/mobile. But Vine is not only to create comic videos without meaning, it can also be used to generate a better branding and engagement.

1- Show your products on Vine

Urban Outfitters shows us one of their dresses with a touch of humor that by the way is very comic.

2- Vine Contests

Take the example of Nissan, where it shows us how to launch a contest for the benefit of your business using Vine; this is a good example for the users to interact with the brand, and in addition to that the company generates engagement.

3- New Uses For Vine!

Oreo, one of the brands that best knows how to use Social Media shows us how is not going to stay behind by sharing this simple video where it shows us another great use for their Oreo cookies.

4. New releases on Vine

Foot Locker makes an awesome announcement of the new Nike tennis showing it to us with great detail.

5- Don’t just post, !Engage!

In this example we can see how the 72 year old Jeep company engages us all using a simple Vine video.

I have 8 years seriously involved in social media and as an Internet marketer I always recommend big, medium and small size businesses that the only way to stay on top is by keeping up with the latest trends in social media, as they will provide your business new tools and ways to extend your company’s reach. With this being said, does your business Vine?


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