9 Reasons To Use Vine That Will Help You Build Your Brand

Vine is an application developed by Twitter, which was launched in January 2013 and allows its users to create and publish short duration videos of six seconds, in a loop form with continuous playback. These short six seconds videos can be shared via Vine or using Facebook, Twitter, etc..

Vine is also considered by many to be very similar to Instagram, but for videos. On the other hand, the creators of the app support on its website that both Twitter and Vine “share values and similar objectives”, and that “restriction inspires creativity, that could come in a 140-character tweet or a six-second video”.

reasons to use vine

And according to this post from Expanded Ramblings Vine already counts with more than 200 million active monthly users. Taking into account these stats, its almost like being part of Vine is almost an obligation to those businesses who want to promote themselves for free. In addition, the numbers of Vine loops played daily is 1.5 billion. Want more reasons to start using Vine to promote yourself or your business? Here are 9 reasons to use Vine that will help you build your brand:

  • Its very easy to use: 
    I am not going to say that anyone is able to create a masterpiece in six seconds, but the reality is that you don’t have to be a movie director to make a decent Vine video. During the recording, at the top of the screen, you will see a green bar that shows how much time you’ve used for the assigned video. Although you only count with just six seconds, you can start and stop recording as many times as you want to include several video scenes. It’s that simple. Remember that Vine also records audio, so you should record in quiet places or be aware of background sounds.
  • Its fast to digest: 
    Vine has a complete search engine where you can search different users by name, showing a list of all those who match our search with your name and profile image. If you are looking for something specific as for example videos of cats you can search by tags by putting the desired keyword, this will return a list of Hashtags to we can choose.
  • In the heat of the moment:
    Vine’s simplicity makes it possible so that you can capture news instantly without any preparation at all. It is ideal for live events, or when you want to involve others in the action and share an exciting hands-on experience not only in Vine, but on Twitter, Facebook, and even your own blog.
  • It is suitable:
    On each video you will be able to leave a comment or read the existing ones, give a like so that it appears in your profile. You can also “revine” which is similar to a retweet on Twitter and be able to feature the video post to your profile. Vine is certainly convenient, since it allows us to show what we want in real-time to a good number of users.

  • Its instructive: 
    Many users have already discovered that Vine is a great platform to show and tell. From card tricks, gardening, kitchen ideas to the cocktail bar, everyone is sharing their secrets to do what they know how to do best and position themselves as thought leaders, valuable resources and brands that consumers can trust.
  • Its entertaining:
    The entertaining part for any Vine user is that the numbers are updated in real time. If you open any Vine video, the counter will show you all replays that are carried out of that video in real time.
  • Is attractive:
    With Vine you can create ingenious and funny videos to promote your business and attract more customers as well. However, if sending a 140 characters message is a challenge, using 6 seconds to make masterpiece video with sound, can be double challenging. With this delimitation of space and time, plus a basic editing (cut, paste, effects) tool, Vine can be the perfect tool to market your business and even have a little fun.
  • Is a creative platform:
    You really have to be creative if you want to boost your brand in front of your competitors. Remember that you only got 6 seconds to transmit your message, so you may find yourself particularly ingenious and imaginative. Simplicity is important, but some of the most popular and funniest Vine videos are designed in advance, most of the top ones have a choreography, script and sometimes their even projected as if they were Hollywood films.
  • Is promotional:
    On the outside of the common and peculiar as it may seem to those who aren’t used to this app, Vine is in reality an ideal channel for doing business. Images attract attention and videos attract even more. That is what makes this social network such a powerful marketing tool. With a simple video of any of your products from your online store, showing your items in 360 degrees, you’ll get great impact, and securely create more influence than any tweet or image by original as it could be. Sure, that if you go beyond, with more attractive videos, the results will be even better for your online business.

No matter what type of business you have — from a small retailer to a large wholesale to a freelance designer; from a B2B software provider to a restaurant — you can use Vine to build meaningful connections with engaged and targeted audience. These connections can lead to actions across a network of loyal customers for your business.

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