Vine Video App! A Favorite Among Brands

Vine! The New Favorite Social Network Among Brands

If Twitter had been created as a video platform, it would surely be very similar to Vine, the new favorite social network among brands, young people and celebrities.

Vine, a social network created with a major focus of attention in the mobile market, lets you share videos of up to 6 seconds taken with the phone to a group of followers. Just like “Twitter“, Vine lets you follow interesting people and be followed back as well, and one can find all the content created by other users in a feed that is continuously updated just like in Twitter.

It’s probably due to the similarity between the two social networks that in September of 2012, just 3 months after its launch, Twitter acquired Vine for $30 million, incorporating its founders to its staff and by giving the App even more of their own features such as the #hashtags, i.e. labels that allow you to identify the theme of a video, or the “retweets” which here, on Vine, are called “Revines”. Continue reading

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Best Vine Videos 2013

Still haven’t created your first Vine video?

Looking for ideas to do with the new Vine app? Checkout this awesome compilation of the best Vine videos of the month.

The video was created by the YouTube account and it already has more than a million views.

You can also see an extended version of the best 154 vines of the year (if you count with 16 free minutes).

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How To Gain More Vine Followers

Want to know how to get more Vine followers?

If you’re in the crowd that wants to get more Vine followers because your competitors are already been followed by thousands don’t lose one more second and start reading our post. It’s clear that micro-videos and GIFs are more active than ever. Learn how to dominate this new way to express yourself with some easy tips using Vine for social media marketing.

It is not a video or a photo

One of the most important tips for using Vine is to be clear about that this is something completely new. Some will just say that videos are just too short, but the truth is that’s a new way to express. Don’t make videos that Continue reading

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What Is Vine?

How does Vine work and what is Vine?

Vine is a social video network created for mobile phones enabling anyone to make a 6 seconds video and post it to this social network with the option to share it to Twitter and Facebook. When it started it was only available for iPhone but on June 3, 2013 it was released for Android on devices with Android version 4.0 or higher. With Twitter working on its background platform this mobile app has, in just a few months, became the most used video-sharing application in the market, even with low adoption of the app. On April 9, 2013, Vine became the number one most downloaded free app within the iOS App Store  and is growing faster than Instagram did, especially because of its novelty.

what is vine What is Vine?

In all its simplicity Vine is a simple social network where you can only post videos of up to six seconds, recorded from your mobile phone with the Vine’s in app camera. The idea is to film very short, separate instances for a full six-second video. Why? Continue reading

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